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Yoga Classes Sal, Cape Verde



Sal is a desert island that resembles what you would imagine the moon to look like. However, on the UP side, the sun is stunning and the beaches, sand, and ocean delicious. So do not be surprised when you get here, if there is little do to besides yoga, water sports and a visit to the Botanical garden and farm. Now I realise that our view point is a little biased, but we do feel strongly about it, and here is why.



There is something to be said about being able to do yoga in a warm sunny beach destination, so when you are done you can walk into the village or to the beach and enjoy your high without the stress of snow, rain, traffic or pollution. The classes are small, really good, and fun. 



Sal is an excellent water sports destination. No dry suit, no long suit, and for some insane people no suit at all. It is windy and warm and there is very little traffic on the ocean, except for maybe at kite beach, at certain times of the year. We highly recommend Surf Zone, which is the longest standing school on this island and is made up of a professional team that will make your holiday. They are located in the beach club of the Morabeza hotel and the beach in front of the Riu hotel. They teach at both locations as well as at kite beach. They offer Kite, Windsurf and Surf lessons and rental. For more information on everything, including accommodation, check out their web site If you would like to water sport and do yoga then contact us and we can arrange that for you.




Viveiro Botanical gardens and Farm is a magical oasis for anyone visiting our desert island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Picture this, miles and miles of sand and rock and heat, that provides little in the way of escape from our radiating sun. Then imagine a garden filled with beautiful exotic plants and a lush green lawn that invites you to roll, lie, and play on. The grass is what you would imagine heaven to feel like. After a little play you wander up to the farm and meet the funniest animals with the largest personalities. Adult or child you will love the escape this place provides you from everything. You can visit the fish pond, drink some fresh plant juice and then when you are prepared re-enter the desert again having felt as if you have just visited an oasis.

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