Yup it is true, I have recorded some of my classes, so all of you can no longer say you can’t practice, because you could not take me home with you, it is my corona gift to you. Due to global stress on the internet and African no stress culture, please note that I have had to upload these videos in low quality, but don’t worry the yoga is high quality. Watch the Yoga rules and the Breathing video first before doing any of the classes. I was once asked what is yoga and the only thing I could say was that it is MAGIC! Because it changes us without us even seeing it happen. * Give the videos some time to load, use time to breathe or dance!

Yoga Rules:watch before you do the classes

Yoga Rules: What you need to know

All Level Class:soooo good

Yoga for your Back

Part 2: The Asanas

Challenging Class: go on try it

What is Yin Yoga: watch before the Yin Class

Yin Yoga: What is it

Yin Yoga: 4 your connective tissues

Part 1 of a complete yoga class: breathing

Part 3: Guided Meditation

Yin Yoga at the Beach