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Breath do we really need it?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Why do we make a large hallabaloo about the ozone layer, CO2 levels in the air, when the average human is not making an effort to use all their lung capacity when they breathe. If we are not going to breathe properly, inhaling the maximum amount of Oxygen, then should we really be upset that our breathable air is diminishing.

What am I talking (my best Indian accent with head wiggle). Try this, lie on your back and lay a book, not too heavy not too light on your stomach. Now breathe, the chances are that when you breathe you are breathing from your mid to upper lung, from your mouth or just your nose. That as you inhale you pull your stomach in, expand your chest and run out of breath before you get to your throat.

I know, I was this person.

If you are breathing, using your complete lung, your stomach would rise. As your stomach rose, your diaphragm would drop, thereby making room for your whole lung to fill up. You would be breathing not only through your nose but also from the back of your throat, the side of your body, the back of your body.

Image you have a straw at the base of your throat, a bamboo non MacDonald’s one. Now as you inhale imagine you are saying the word ssssoooooooooowww. Then, send all that O2 through your entire body or any place there is infection or pain. As you exhale imagine you are saying the word Hhhhhhhhhhhummmmmmmmm, like hum that feels sooo good.

Why good. Because you are completely filling your lungs with oxygen and when you exhale completely, you are removing all the toxic CO2 from you. Therefore, you are no longer recycling toxic air through you. Sometimes when I finish a breathing exercise I actually feel high. Strange as it may sound, good breathing can heal a lot of wrong doing in our body.

Yes yoga can make you high, at the cost of no hangover.

When I think back to all those yoga classes, all that bad breathing, walking around recycling toxic air in my body, no wonder I designated myself as the person NOT to run down the beach, bay watch style, and rescue windsurfers that missed the mark. I would have passed out before I got to them.

Here’s the thing about breath, we pay it no attention at all. We don’t actively engage in it, we don’t spend time with it, we even forget to do it sometimes. Yet without it we would die. We spend more time bent over looking at our mobile phones, then focusing on our breath. Note: No amount of face book will prolong your cells.

Our lungs are a muscles so exercise them, if not by the time you be older, they won't work very well. Walking around with an oxygen tank is not as fun as walking around on your own, only having to carry a large cocktail.

We have become so lazy in our breathing, we slouch when we sit, we watch tv with our mouth open, the list is endless. All because we no longer have to hunt for our food, gather water at the river, build our own house, or start our own fires by blowing on them. Those were the good ol days when breath counted.

The nose, not just for sneezing.

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