• YAM Patel

Corona Virus? Whats really going on?

Updated: Mar 16

Where has perspective gone? Corona virus has not only turned our world up-side down, but has killed perspective and therefore threatened to kill yoga. It is a virus that to date still kills less or equal number of people than hunger , poverty, cancer, and all the other illness that afflict mankind on a daily basis. Walk into nearly any African hospital, on any given day and you will be accosted with a line of men and women in serious need of assistance, and a hospital without the capacity to deal with them and their woes. Thereby, leaving hundreds of children and adults to die across the developing world on a daily basis. But you don’t see African countries spreading fear and shutting down their countries.

What is the real issue at bay here? Is the real problem over population of cities in the developed world? Because let’s be honest our world is very human heavy and for some years now the universe has been rebelling in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes and so forth to bring the universal energy back into balance, meaning equal numbers of animals, plants, trees, marine life, and humans. So does it really come as a surprise that a virus is contributing to bringing about that balance?

Or maybe it’s a health crisis, as the human being no longer takes personal responsibility for their health, but instead turns to fit bits, pills, and the confidence that government hospitals will provide them with new body parts, liposuction, ventilators etc. We eat bad, we sleep bad, we have become vessels that hold stress and anxiety, all of which are slowing down the frequency at which all our cells vibrate, making them ineffective at keeping us healthy happy beings.

We have become so lazy as a species that we no longer even have the energy to breathe properly. We breathe through our mouth and with only our upper lung, thereby rendering our lungs inefficient and ineffective at filling us with clean air, while completely removing toxic air from our being. There are reasons we should breathe through our nose, the most important being that the hairs that populate our nose, help filter the air we breathe. And let’s face it, our lungs are a muscle and if we don’t use it, it will become weaker as we age. So where is the personal responsibility of looking after or own health? Yoga is not a fad and it is more than just doing poses, it is a way to be aware of your body and soul and to treat them as they should be, kindly. But also to be aware of our connection to everything around us, so that we live in harmony with our world, rather than treat it as if it were a commodity for us to destroy, while destroying ourselves in the process.

So what’s really going on with this virus. From where I sit, it would seem that maybe we should not place so much faith in governments run by fallible humans to take care of us, but rather we should start to take care of ourselves and our earth.

Maybe we should be looking at the problem of over population and this unending desire to populate and then live forever. We cull animals when they burden the earth, so what makes us so special that we can rape our earth over and over again and we don’t think it is time for us to cull our population. O but no worries, because the universe in the form of viruses and weather systems will begin to do it for us. We are finally starting to see the effects of over population, and yet we continue to turn a blind eye. We prefer to steep ourselves in fear, than address the real problem here.

This virus is not bringing us together, but bringing out the worst in us. We are not banding together, but now fear each other. We are already plagued with the loss of human touch and intimacy. However, now with this virus, that distance between us humans has multiplied exponentially. We have begun the irrational competition for toilet paper, food, etc, thereby moving us closer and closer to isolated human beings that in the longer run will be easier to control by those in power.

And last but not least, Death. We need to learn to accept death and not keep running away from it or fearing it. Only once we accept that death is a part of life can we truly begin to live. This life we have and tend to waste on insignificant items and things, is a journey, long or short, it is a journey that begins with life and ends with death, and all that really matters is how we live it in-between those two constants.

On a small side note, I find great humour, that in the midst of this massive global hiccup, the thing people fear most in the loss of toilet paper! We can all take a page out of the book of being Indian, and use water. More hygienic, friendlier to the environment, and dilutes some of the panic we have lost ourselves in. Genius.

What going on???