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  • YAM Patel

HOPE, just a 4 letter word?

We are our own worst enemy. Humans. Should we wake up one day and be draped in laws that fine us for being too close, licking each others faces, holding house parties, allowing ourselves to be arrested without a judge, then instead of being angry at the government, we should pat ourselves on the back for so stupidly contributing to the monumental downfall of our civil liberties.

It really is so simple, really. For a short period of time, just do the work and accept that this is our new reality. Acceptance is one of the surest paths to inner peace, acceptance of all that is beyond our control.

With our new friend Covid, you have two options, accept that for a while you will have to keep your distance from people, wash your hands (this maybe a novelty to some), wash your face, and wear a mask in doors or in crowds. Or defy the former, and continue to live the illusion that your individual behavior does not affect the collective, and result in draconian laws and a much longer time frame in which you will allow this virus to do as it please to us. Heavy emphasis on the word illusion.

I was one of those people, who started this quarantine feeling as if my freedoms had been curtailed and governments were treating me like a flintstone from the cave age. That’s because I believe in the inherent goodness and intelligence of humanity. That, like it or not, we are all connected, not only to each other, but to every living thing in nature. But as time continues its journey, I believe that this is a well kept secret from a large segment of the human population. Which is why we continue to allow thought and our consciousness to deceive us into thinking there is nothing but us, there is nothing beyond us, and that we stand unconnected to each other or anything else.

A convenient lie to allow many of us to selfishly live a lavish material life without a winking thought of others. In truth, we are connected and every single individual act has an affect on the collective. Throw a stone in a lake and watch the ripples from it disrupt the calmness of the entire surface of the lake. You are the stone and the whole of humanity is the lake.

Do not believe that just because you are fit, or young, or good looking that you have bionic powers to repel this virus. Because one way or another this virus will affect all of us. If not on a health level, then on a life level. Even if you asymptomatic, the little bugger covid will shift, alter, change your insides and it may not show up now, but somewhere down the line it may just manifest itself in some disease or organ failure.

Know that your mind is a magician of the highest grade. From one day to the other, it can change your reality, just by shifting the way you see things. It is how marketing works; it gives us the tools to convince ourselves we can not live without certain things. So put on your cape, shake your ......., and start to shift your thoughts towards accepting and acknowledging that this is our new world and we are not ever going back to where we were. Begin to grow seeds in your mind, that we are connected and that your/our/my actions DO matter and WILL impact where we go from here.

Cabo Verde is an excellent case in point. As the youth continue to party, and bars continue to defy the health rules, our numbers continue to increase and our country remains shut from the rest of the world. But even more worrying is that the world continues to keep its doors shut to Cabo Verde. Are those beers worth the long-term decline of an entire nation, as our numbers continue to skyrocket? Is the income now, worth the total loss of all income as the entire nation’s economy tinkers on collapse? And yet when the ones who believed themselves invincible falls sick, he or she will want a hospital and other humans to help them survive.

Live in the now, does not mean be irresponsible or thoughtless. It does not mean live in the now in such a way as to ensure that there is no tomorrow. It actually means be present. Be aware of what is happening at that very moment around you, and what you are feeling in that very moment. Listen, see, hear, what is in front, behind and around you.

For just a little while, think of you as a collective rather than an individual and alter your behaviour. Because every selfish act of thinking it won’t happen to you, and you can do as you please, will hurt your future. Because if you don’t, you will wake up in a world one day so suffocating that freedom, living, love will be a dream you once had.

Have hope, but don’t put it on a post card, or verbally throw it out there once a day. Enact hope, give it an action, create it through your actions, make it come to fruition by just wearing a mask, keeping your distance, washing your hands, and keep your kissing down to the one person you are supposed to kiss.

Let hope hold its partners hand which is, awareness. Awareness of what is actually happening and not shutting out or ignoring the present. Don’t stand on the edge of bank and say I HOPE I catch a fish as you hold a fishing rod in one hand, but dump toxic waste in the water with the other. Or say I hope I don’t get COVID, while you stand in the middle of a bar with a large group of unmasked people.

If we ALL just give a little more love, kindness and consideration to what IS happening, we can actually come out of this way better then what we were before we went into this.

With HOPE, for it to work, you have to back it up, step up to the plate and actually behave in away for Hope to flourish and survive. Otherwise my fellow humans, Hope is just a four-letter word in a dictionary.

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