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  • YAM Patel

How 2 Norwegians killed the first ray of hope I had seen in 7 months.

This is a story of how two Norwegians by the name of Kim Lindberg and Elton, literally kicked us back down to the ground, when we were already so far down the ladder of hope, we didn´t think there were any more steps. I am writing this story and sharing it with you, because in a time of so much struggle in the world and specifically in my world, Cabo Verde, we need to remind humanity that it is not okay to behave badly.

Please know that I have let this go, as to put energy on it, is only to hurt myself more. But I felt it was important to remind the world that in a time of so much hardship for so many, this sort of behaviour only adds to the pain, it does not subtract from it.

Approximately a week ago, I was contact by Kim and her boyfriend asking if they could rent an apartment from us from October 25th to the end of December. Their email came at a point, when we had now been living for over 7 months without any income at all. You can therefore imagine that this booking made us so happy that an actual dance erupted from us. It also gave us hope, that even with Europe closing, there were those that would defy the government threats of traveling to blacklisted countries and still come here.

I have to divert here. Blacklisted countries. How awful to be put on a list like that, to be told that your country is unsafe and unworthy of economic and human recovery. And yet here we all are without insurance, healthy, a death rate of less than 1% and less cases daily than most European countries. A country where you can exist outdoors, a country that has invested in hospitals and a covid centre, and a place filled with people who are choosing life over existence. And yet everyday we are on that list, we are told we are dangerous and unworthy. Well we are not.

Back to the story. Having watched the world unfold into hardship, we genuinely believed that there was a shift in humanity, towards kindness and compassion. So we embraced just that, and told them there was no need to pay for a bank transfer, that they could pay on site, because we wanted to have trust, not only in them, but in their verbal commitment to us.

Being me I had to believe that people are impeccable with their speech and that someone´s word still means something in all this chaos. Otherwise what is the point of words, other than decorations for paper.

They sent us messages of kindness and gratitude up until the day they flew and for a little while there was light back in our lives. All Sunday, the day of their arrival, we waited at the building for them and they never arrived or contacted us. The next day over 24hours later, they said as they had no internet, so they had decided to book into a hotel for 2 days. Note the hotel has internet and a telephone at the reception from which they could have called us.

On Monday they messaged to arrange to meet us, at 6pm, and hope was reignited. We waited for 45min and they never showed. Since then we have not heard from them again. We closed the entire building again and we had to tell the girl that we hired to clean it that we could not keep her on. I called the hotel before writing this to ensure that had not come down with a sickness, covid or had been quarantined. I was told that they checked out this morning and were healthy.

I can not speak for Kim, who has a job and the ability to travel, as to why she did not have the courage or decency to behave humanely or to stand by her word or even to communicate with us that they had changed thier mind. Instead she treated us like we were objects without feelings. So let me say this.

Nearly an entire country, are struggling not only to hold on to their businesses, their homes, and in so many cases their lives. A vast majority have not had a government that has given them money to stay at home or food support. Businesses have gone bankrupt and because we are on this LIST, we have no idea when our lives will return and if some of us will even have lives to return to. I am sure this will resonate with so many of you.

You can not come here and treat people as if they are pawns to be toyed with. To give out hope and kindness only to turn around and walk away without a second thought to the effect you have had on them. To squash trust and faith in the goodness of humans. To come to someone else’s country and behave like an intruder rather than a guest.

So now we will have to go back to where we did not want to go, backwards, to asking for deposits, to setting up rules, to not trusting words. Maybe just maybe we are where we are today, because of us not because of a virus. Because so many of us just don’t care about anyone or anything else but ourselves, or how many likes they get, how many hits on Instagram they got, how well loved they are on social media, how much money they make etc.

That not only do we believe ourselves to be apart of the global ecosystem, but apart from each other as well. And yet it is our collective energy that guides our present and our future. So what does that say about our energy as a collective. That we are vibrating at a low frequency that accompanies the emotions of anger, negativity, selfishness, fear etc. Thus the signals we send out into the universe (because every moment of our lives we emit and receive signals that we are not aware off) from the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, are ones which mirrors our emotions. If as a collective we remain in these low frequency emotions our earth will shift into an even deeper imbalance.

You want to better world, then start with yourself and change the energy and behaviour you emit into the universe, because all the universe does is mirror what we give out.

Kim, Elton if you stumble across this and read it, for as long as you are a GUEST in this country, please choose the words and commitments you make the next time you engage with someone. Your actions and behaviour literally impact others who have been living without hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. And yet they remain, open, kind, and good people who do not need people to take advantage of that. So by all means visit us and embrace the magnitude of the beauty that defines Cabo Verde. Just be kind, be compassionate and couragous in your behaviour.

I wrote this, because I am now tired of seeing this behaviour amoung humans, and it is time that we started to speak up, in a open and peaceful manner, when people behave badly towards people that are really good. On the upside, my hope is that someone else who really needed hope and an income recieved Kim and Eltons business.

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