• YAM Patel

This Love thing is Magic!

I keep hearing this rhetoric that in time things will return to normal. Why do we want that! The world was not a pretty looking place when we entered this, so why would be want to go back to over populated cities, pollution, slavery, and a human health crisis that we all seem to have ignored in all of this.

Things will never be normal again and nor should they. If we went back to normal we would at some point have to go through this all over again. And really who wants that.

As I sit here on desert island Sal, hanging out in the nowhere, I am hearing a lot of mandatory measures businesses must now employ to ensure that the individual remains safe. Measures that are going to bankrupt many and quite possibly render some owners insane.

And that is fine, as in some businesses it is about time that their air filtration systems were upgraded, the basic hygiene of their kitchens improved, and so forth. But what I am not hearing is that it is now mandatory that the human, must also take measures to be responsible for their own health system. That they must keep a light distance from others, wash their hands, stop licking other people, not touch their face etc. One may even invest in a metal straw, so no matter where you go, you have your own straw and maybe even your own knife and fork. But just as important, and here is where people will find someway to contort their brain so as not to engage in the following:

  • Learn to breath properly and engage in healthy breathing

  • Eat healthy and no! sugar, pop, junk food, do not fall into that category, unless your brain is a member of cirque do solei and you can convince your mind that the above items are super healthy foods.

  • Consume booze, if you must, in moderation.

  • Don’t smoke and exercise at the same time. Or just don’t smoke. And I don’t mean pump iron, I mean move your body but also stretch and strengthen it.

  • Begin to create a life devoid of negativity and stress.

Covid does not target just the old, it targets the unhealthy. There is a ridiculous myth going around that if you are in your 20s and 30s, you can behave as if you are on a constant rave and you won’t get sick. You may not show symptoms, but even then Covid can leave your lungs looking like a million pieces of glass shredded them.

Lastly, be considerate of others. For just a wee while, don’t go out in large groups and party like there is no tomorrow. Because keep that up, there will be no tomorrow. Those of you that are spoiling life for the rest of us, by defying the basic rules of interaction, are actually killing off your own future.

I digress. My point is, that it is really time that the individual begins to take responsibility for their own life. Change will never ever no no no no no come until everyone of us starts to look within themselves and create change on every level. So if you are one of those that keep on blaming everyone else (like I have at points during this quarantine), you may want to stop and take a step back, do a little disco move, and then look within and know that change from within is the only way our human heavy world is going to change.

On a more positive yogi note, if you do happen to die, really don’t panic. Although your body maybe kaput, your soul will move on and begin all over again, from hopefully a better more enlightened stand point. One where all decisions are made from a place of love and not fear. Where your actions are driven not from a stand point of amassing vast amount of wealth and belongings, but from an innate desire to share knowledge and just plain ol goodness. Where loving your self, means to acknowledge and love all your vulnerabilities and insecurities as well. Because when you don’t, your insecurities translate into hate and anger of others. When we are racist, bigoted, engage in hate, understand that all that comes from your own personal insecurities that you don’t want to face or heal, and therefore you end up manifesting them in anger and hate and yes, bullying.

So the biggest most humunoisgt (sheena word) rule in life. Look inwards and do the work to Love yourself, then love others and the rest will all fall into place. Magic I tell you, this love thing is magic!!!

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