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To Roll Right or Left is the ????

At my recent yoga therapy training, we had various teachers. Some asked us to roll to the right and others to the left. When I asked why, no one really seemed to have a solid answer. So my buddy Yogi P and I did some investigating.

There is science to our yoga madness.

The Left.

Everything to the left of centre is about calming, relaxing, cooling, looking inwards. When breathing through the left nostril we stimulate the Ida nadi (energy channel), the feminine side of ourselves. We also massage the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with relaxing our mental, biological and physiological processes.

The right side of our brain is activated, and we slow down our mental process by closing off the external world. If we are pregnant, lying on our left prevents our uterus from being squashed and allows the healthy uninhibited flow of nutrients and blood from the uterus to the heart.

After a well-balanced physical practice of yoga, made up of sun salutations to ignite our sympathetic nervous system and then slower stretches and breathing to kick start our parasympathetic system, rolling to the left and staying there for a minute leaves us feeling so relaxed we almost are catatonic.

This is where you want to be after your practice if you are pregnant or a rock star.

The Right

The opposite twin, is known for its abundance of heat, energy, and masculinity. Same Same but yet so different. When breathing through the right nostril, we fire up Pingali nadi known to give rise to healing through energy, heat, and strength. It is the Sun to the Left’s Moon. Associated with the sympathetic nervous system, the right side opens us up, increases our awareness and brings out our protective shield.

So while our left side is our Buddha side, our right side is our super hero side. Breathing through our right nostril, stimulates the left side of our brain, our more extroverted side. So when rolling to your right and remaining there for a minute, you keep your heart elevated and open. After sinking into the earth of calmness in shavasana, rolling to your right, begins to rise your body from the mat, finishing your practice with an openness and vibrant energy.

So unlike your left, where you roll out of the studio in utter calmness, finishing on your right you glide out of the studio ready to face your reality with positivity and energy.

So choose your roll depending on your journey. Off to a lovely dinner and then bed, roll left. Off to dance, roll right. Have a stressful meeting, roll left. Have to climb a mountain, roll right.

Why walk when you can ROLL

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