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When did NO become the enemy

When did the word NO become the enemy? Yoga is all about acceptance. Accept what is beyond your control. Accept that sometimes you can’t have what you want. Accept that by living in the present, as we all should, means prohibit your mind from wandering back into the past, where what is done cannot be undone, or into the future, where what has not yet happened cannot be controlled.

I live a life where I am a frequent user of the word NO. No you cannot rent a windsurf in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, if you have never windsurfed before. No, sorry we are full and have no space, and no amount of my yogi powers can create more space. No, really I am not jesting, there really is no wind. No really kiting is different in an ocean than in a lagoon. No, sorry we don’t have any more space in our yoga class.

To these NO’s the dominant response is always one of exasperation, anger, surprise and great annoyance. Often followed by, are you sure you have no space, why do you not have more people, why do you not offer more classes, are you sure there is not enough wind.

So what is it?

a) Have humans lost all trust in the truth, as truth has become a rarity and they have been lied to so often by companies, billboards, adverts, governments, friends, partners that they no longer believe when something is not possible. That No is a conspiracy meant to punish them.

b) Or is the Americanism: don’t take NO for an answer, you can succeed and have anything you want if you just push enough, taken a hold of the human brain.

Whatever it is, please accept that like Yes, No is a valid answer and should be accepted with the same grace and possible excitement as yes. That we can’t have it all, and even without it all, there are still so many positives and good things in our life that we sweep under the rug and ignore, choosing to focus instead on the one thing we have been told NO to. Instead of fighting the NO, accept the NO happily and with it will come a large release of stress.

NO, love it please

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