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Where do we go after the human body dies???

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Where do we go after we die? It is the million dollar question to which we all seek the answer. Because if we knew for sure we were going somewhere better, our way of living our present life would change dramatically.

What I believe is very similar to what we learn in many yoga teacher training's. However, there is a very very large chance that they will not explain it to you like this.

When my uncle pasted away, we had a Sanskrit priest who presided over the funeral. As none of us spoke Sanskrit, he told us the story in English. As his English was limited, the story that emerged left some of us with gaping mouths. It was not a bad story, actually it was a very good one. In fact I have no doubt my uncle would have roared with laughter if he could have. It was, however, a story that one does not often hear at a funeral by revered priest.

Here is the short version.

Your uncle has passed away but he has not left us. When he died his energy was released from his body, and when his body is cremated, what energy is remaining in his physical body, will also be set free. That energy will make its way up into the clouds. Once there, it will remain until it rains and brings that energy back down to the earth. From the earth a tree will grow and from that tree a piece of fruit will spring forth.

That fruit will be picked, packaged and taken to Loblaw’s, a large grocery chain, and placed in the fruit section. Someone will buy that fruit, eat it, get pregnant (not from the fruit off course) and will have a baby. This will complete the cycle of life, as your uncle’s energy will be bought back to us in another form.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So when we die our energy moves on to somewhere else. It could be a tree, a cloud, an animal, anything. Your soul/energy’s destination will depend on your growth as a good person. Your progress is not forgotten, but moved on in another form, taking into account how many positive thoughts and actions you have accumulated over time.

When my father died, we took his ashes out into the middle of a lake. When we scattered his ashes a butterfly flew out of them. A butterfly that has visited me often and even sat with us one night and drank whisky out of a saucer, while we drank a glass of wine and had a chat. But that story is for another day, and no all this yoga has not tipped the insanity-sanity scales in my head.

Personally I think the problem with our earth right now, is that our energy is not balanced. It is very human heavy, and nature and animal light. The result is a large imbalance that is resulting in high and extreme levels of natural disasters that are seeking to re-balance our energy system. So next time you are putting it out there, aim to come back as a tree, a cloud, a rhino, or maybe a wave. I think through the practice of yoga, I am just a little closer to not having to come back as a human and all the suffering that comes with it and all the suffering it reins on nature. I have put it out there, that I shall return as a CLOUD, and not the kind that you will store your data on. When I start to wish to come back as a Gmail cloud then you know that the scales have tipped in favour of the insane.

Where to now? I wonder. Seaweed maybe?

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