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Why we should all be AAAUUMMing

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

AAUUUMMM, a large mouthful of chant and an even bigger meaning. In a few paragraph’s I shall attempt to explain AUM as simply as possible, but with so much joy, that you will want to AUM at the start and end of every practice and maybe even as you drive your car or ride your bike.

If we could hear the universe, AUM/OM would be its sound. They say, though who these ‘they’ are remains a mystery to me, that when purusha, the universal soul/consciousness, collided with the 5 elements Prakriti, the universe, earth, life was created. When that collision occurred, the sound that arose was OM. Very similar to the big bang theory, but with more fancy names for the particles.

Purusha in hindu also means the cosmic man, whereas Prakriti is female. In magician cave man language, we would say, when male met female, a large sound was made, and tadaa the universe as we know it arrived. Ummm interesting, could this be the Hindu/Buddhist version of Adam met Eve, but on a much larger cosmic scale, without all the sin, greed, apple tree or snakes. A thought for another day, perhaps.

When chanting OM/AUM. Start with the sound AHHH from your core. Imagine a large set of Mick Jagger Lips attached to your belly button and from them release the deep sound AHH. The vibration emanating from your core will begin to move energy through your lower body. The vibration/sound will shake your chakras, your organs and all your energy points. When you shake a snow globe, all the snow that is laying in coma at the bottom of the glass jar, all of a sudden springs to life and spreads across the jar. Chanting AUM, does the same thing in your body.

Then move the uuuuuu sound, so it radiates from your chest, creating vibration around your upper body. Then finally the lovely mmmmm, mmmmmmmm from your head, sending vibration along your thyroid, penal and pituitary glands. Then keeping your eyes closed, enjoy the vibration of your body and the total calmness of mind that comes from Auming. The sensation is similar to sitting in one of those massage chairs that vibrate and make you feel good all over.

The simplest definition would be that the A symbolizes the creation of energy, U the existence of energy, and the mmmm the movement of energy from one form to another. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. We also know that we are energy wrapped up in a human shell. So when we die all that energy in us has to go somewhere………..

But that is for a different yogic chat.

The benefits of chanting are numerous and include calmness, increasing your immune system, reducing anxiety, and having some people think you have lost the plot. Every time I engage in Honey Bee breath, my dogs sit in front of me staring into my eyes wondering if I have moved into the insane. But then I chant Om Mani Pad Me Hum, a Buddhist chant, and they pass out at my feet in a meditative coma. Now if I can only get my loved man to do the same.

You can also use AUM to meditate, because meditating is about focusing on one thing, not about sitting there with a blank mind, impossible. An AUM meditation could look like this

Chant AAA 7 times

Chant UUUU 7 times

Chant MMMM 7 times

Chant AAAAAAUUUUMMM slowly 7 times

Repeatedly and faster chant Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum……………… until you put yourself in a meditative coma or pass out because you forgot to breathe.

Your Pets will appreciate a good Aumming

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