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Yoga a Miracle Drug

Warning: This post is very short on writing, but long in information.

Yoga in this post = 6-10 sun salutations with some longer held asanas in between (20min), finishing the practice with some pranayama (7min).

· Have headache; don’t want to pop a pill, practice yoga for 30min, headache gone.

· Am so hungry that my dogs begin to look like fried chicken, practice yoga, hunger gone and have enough energy to get me through the afternoon.

· Feeling restless, little sad, do some yoga, and voila I feel great and calm.

· Am angry, want to have a go at the person I am angry with, practice yoga, am no longer looking for a fight. Maybe yoga not a good option for boxers or pro-fighters.

Feeling lazy, want to get under my desk with the dog aka fried chicken and take a nap, practice yoga, and wow feel like the road runner

No longer need a bag with aspirin, power bar, boxing gloves, smart phone, tissues, pillow. Just need a mat.

In all of us is the calmness of buddha and energy of a road runner

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