Due to African no stress internet, please note that I have had to upload these videos in low quality, but don’t worry the yoga is very high quality and I am extremely qualified, and my extreme happiness often mistaken for a little insane. Watch the Yoga rules and the Breathing video first before doing any of the classes. * Give the videos some time to load, use time to breathe or dance!

Although you don’t need a code or secret password or disco moves to access any of these classes, I have decided to add my paypal details in the event you would like to pay something towards the classes. It can be 1 euros, 10 euros, 1,000,000,000 euros, a hug, or just a thank you. There is no judgement at all here or obligation to pay, because at a time like this I want to make sure that eveyone can access Yoga and the magic it offers

Or you can treat yourself to a personalized yoga class created just for you. Because I always want to hang with you, I can create a class just for you: for hips, shoulders, core, legs, any body part really. Or a breathing video, a mixed body, yin, yang, laughter yoga. If it is about your body, your mind, your soul and yoga I can do that for you. You own the class, it’s yours do anywhere you want at any time. If you are interested whats app me +2385801121. We have a chat about what you want, I ask you some questions about your body, limitations etc and then I create a class just for you. Brilliant!

15min class: 20euros, 30min class: 30euros, 45min class: 40euros, 60min class: 52euros

PayPal.Me/yogacaboverde                        .....more classes coming soon

Yoga Rules:watch before you do the classes

Yoga Rules: What you need to know

All Level Class:soooo good

Yoga for your Back

Part 2: The Asanas

Challenging Class: go on try it

Yin & Yang & No Standing. Yoga at the Beach

All Levels, go on treat yourself!

What is Yin Yoga: watch before the Yin Class

Yin Yoga: What is it

Yin Yoga: 4 your connective tissues

Part 1 of a complete yoga class: breathing

Part 3: Guided Meditation

Yin Yoga at the Beach

Yoga for the wise: 50 and over