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Sunrise Yoga on SURF ZONE BEACH DECK: Every Morning

Start your day insanely happy 

7.29am: 1hr 10EUROS/1000ECV


Max 8 people in this class.

LOCATION: Surf Zone Kite School, in the beach club of the Morabeza Hotel (west side of main pier)


Fabulous EVENING CLASSES  In our tranquil Studio

1hr class All Levels (10EUROS/1000ECV)

Mon: Yoga that will Surprise u

Wed : Energy Flow: Yoga that releases trapped energy .

FRI:  Yin/Meridian opener with Tuning fork: for a Super Happy Body and Mind

Sunday: Restorative Yoga

1.5hr yoga classes (full yoga classes) 15EUROS/1,500ECV

Tues: Yin with an Om tuning fork: 4 yr connective tissues/organs. All levels

Thurs: Brilliant Live longer, don't die faster Yoga All Levels

SAT: Pure and Fabulous Yoga!. All levels

(Located beside porto antigo 1, facing porto antigo, walk to the left, will see the yoga studio)

                       *warning these classes can cause extreme joy & calmness

Sound HealingJourney with Sheena

In this journey we use Tibetan Sound Bowls on your body and an OM tuning fork to begin the process of breaking down blockages (physical, mental, emotional) in your body. It also helps heal injuries (frozen  shoulders, back pain, etc) that have been with you for awhile. We use sound to open your energy centres, give energy where it is needed, and balances energy while bringing your body down to its parasympathetic system. We also use the bowls to move your cranial fluid, which protects the health of your brain and spinal cord. It will surprise on so many levels.  60 min: 50euros

Yoga massage with Marta: Brilliant yoga massage, in this massage we manipulate your body, stretch it, lengthen and calm it, from your toes to your head. Prior to the massage marta does a guided meditation to bring your body into a coma like state during the massage. This massage will leave your body feeling heavenly. 60min 50euros

Kids and Parent Yoga: price will vary depending on size of the family.


Reviewed August 27, 2019

Unveiling the divine goddess within

Sheena is a goddess - you may not have the ability to see the aura glowing around her (yet) or spot her goddessness from her causal friendly demeanor but I was a lucky one to have experienced it first hand. I had a great happy time taking 4 different classes by Sheena and while I love them all and glad to have experienced the variety and range she offered, I must say I most enjoyed the Yin class.

With ample pre-warning of holding poses for a ‘ridiculously’ long duration, I was pleasantly surprised that time actually passed rather quickly. At no point was my mind shifting to any hostile thinking like “when is this going to be over?” Or “I’m going to make this crazy instructor who’s inducing this on me suffer really badly.” In fact there’s little time for the mind to wonder, Sheena guided us through each pose and explained the different parts of the body and organ we’re activating and the benefits we’re delivering. I felt well present and connected with my breath and was joyfully surprised to find that my body softened more into the pose as I breathed. The resting in between poses was divinely delicious. There’s such a gentle flow to the whole class I felt well supported and nurtured into each pose.

The shivasana at the end was equally divine. When Sheena came around to adjust our bodies and massaged the shoulders & face, it felt like the best relaxation and made me totally melt into Mother Earth beneath me. When I came out of the class, I felt longer and taller and felt like I’ve unleashed the divinity within myself too and I walked around the rest of the day feeling like a goddess, vibrating high!

Some days (actually all day everyday) we all need a little self care and self love. And your body and soul would definitely thank you for the nurturing you give yourself taking the time to do this self loving!

Thank you Sheena the goddess!

Reviewed 1 week agol

Just wow! Best yoga (and massage) ever!

We are so grateful for this wonderful, very personal yoga lessons! Marta is an incredible teacher who makes you feel very welcome. She doesn’t focus on what you can’t do but what you can do and spreads her positive energy on you. My boyfriend went for the first time to Yoga - before, he never was really interested in it. He came back 3 times (Miracle )! I am not so much of a review-writer - but we are really happy to have found Yoga Cabo Verde and hope a lot of people will do too :)

Marta also gives massages - we both love massages when on vacation, so we have tried a bunch. This was by far(!) the best massage we both ever had. So what else to say then HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and thank you thank you thank you, Marta ❤️



Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile

Truly amazing

On the first day of our holiday we popped down to the beach to check out the Surf place that my wife wanted to try out.
We met Marta and Sheena, and decided to try out a Yin yoga session. Having never tried Yoga before, and with some mobility issues, I was curious to see what I could manage. Sheena was very welcoming, and unbelievably helpful, paying close attention to my needs and adjusting the positions to suit my limited capabilities. I could immediately feel the benefits, and the discomfort!! We also tried the sound fork, and I have to say that it was rather strange. The sensations were far more powerful than I would have imagined.
I had recently been watching a documentary about sound healing, and was keen to try more, and so I decided to go for a private sound journey with Sheena.
The session itself was immersive, and by the end of it I felt extremely spaced out, almost stoned! The sensations were really odd, and massively relaxing.
The next day I checked my heart rate monitor, and noticed that during the session that my heart rate had reduced to around 40bpm (down from a normal 58bpm). You must try it and experience it for yourself, it’s almost impossible to describe.
I was left wanting more of this Yoga stuff, and so spent the final couple of mornings of my holiday practicing morning Yoga on the beach with Marta. Marta was great, and again paid close attention to my needs and capabilities. The class size was very small and so it almost like having a one-on-one session! Totally awesome!
Now that I’m back at home, I’ve signed up for some local tuition and Yoga classes. Totally inspired, thank you Sheena and Marta, you have opened my eyes to something new and life changing!
Anybody reading this review should just get booked in to a class. Stop thinking about it, and do it!
You won’t regret it!



Londres, Reino Unido publicada há 1 semana

Sheena the amazing soul teacher

Sheena is the best kept secret on Sal Island! This is to anyone out there who on a journey or simply wants to explore Yoga and Sound Healing with a genuine teacher. There is no age limit as she has the an amazing quality to connect witty anyone.
There are many yoga teachers on this planet but there is only one Sheena.

Sheena teaches yoga and undertakes sound healing from a place of genuine intent to bring change in the way we lead our lives. Her work comes from a place of non judgment and her passion for the subject is delivered from a desire to support change physically and emotionally. There is always an added bonus of humor.
I can honestly say - find sheena in Santa Maria, try her yoga class or better still book yourself in for some sound healing and then step back and feel yourself transform.



NOTE: We are a man friendly studio. Everything inside us controls our external physical, mental, and emotional health and actions. Our yoga starts from the inside to change the outside. Because really, Yoga is Magic!

Drop In Group Class Prices

1.0 hr 1000ecv (10euros)

1.5 hrs classes: 1,500 ecv (15 euros)​

Classes cards: non-refundable & non-transferable

5 Class: 55euros (6,000ecv)

10 Class pack: 100euros (11,000ecv)


* Cards are non-refundable, non-negotiable & non-transferable to other people, animals, or plants.



The studio will open 8 minutes before class starts. Once a class starts we close entrance into the class. 

  • You can drop into any class or reserve for a class after any of the classes or at Surf Zone Kite School in beach club of Morabeza Hotel

  • Number of people in a class is avg 9, but sometimes 13 people (only because we love yoga and have a hard time saying no)

  • mats included

  • Every class finishes with a short guided meditation where we attempt to send you into a blissful coma. 


  • A yoga mat will be provided so please do not wear sunscreen or oil or be covered in sand. We like to keep our mats clean, so you can enjoy your yoga. 

  • When waiting for the studio to open, please talk to strangers waiting with you. 

  • On entering the class please leave your ego in the ego box. It does not matter what others can do, you are a unique and wonderful person so go ahead and act that way.

  • Although we love yoga and get excited about it, we prefer if all our clients keep their shirts and shorts on!

  • Please tell us if you have any injuries or ailments before the class, or are pregnant! 

Spent a 2 weeks vacation in Santa Maria with my mom with the main reason to do yoga and relax. I have some serious back problems and had low expectations about how much I would manage. Turned out I can do a lot with the right guidence!! Started out with a private class and Sheena is by far the greatest yoga teacher I ever practiced with. She and the other teachers (all great) are consideret and will adjust the class to the students experience , they will also push you but also slow you down and encourage you to listen to your body! Mum is 67! and new to yoga, she joined a few classes and had a great time, she now do yoga a few times a week with some of the poses Sheena showed her and she feels great! This really is the place for everyone and I can't wait to go back next year!! ♥️♥️♥️ sara s april 2018