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What is restorative yoga
What is Yin yoga
What is yang yoga
What is Nerve Flossing

In reality there really is only one type of yoga and that is yoga. The different names of yoga we see out there are just different ways in which yoga poses have been strung together. 

What we have done is taken our various trainings and created classes that aim to

  1. Elongate your muscles, tendons and spine

  2. Release all that energy that is often trapped in our bodies, thereby turning you into a human rocket.

  3. To lubricate your joints and keep arthritis a foreigner to your body

  4. Strengthen your muscles, so although you may not look like a pumped up body builder, your body will have equal strength.

  5. Ensure that your back  and  neck remains in the percentage of the population that DO NOT suffer from back or neck pain (though this one may require you to divorce your mobile phone)

  6. To show you different ways to heal and maintain the health of your body through breath and meditation

  7. To introduce you to techniques to still your mind, in a world where life operates like a constant circus.

  8. Help you understand the science behind yoga and what happens in your body when you practise yoga. 



If you Kite Surf, Wind Surf and/or Surf

Our yoga will do all the above in addition to

  1. Allowing you to spend longer on the ocean

  2. Making it easier to put the board on your feet, ride on a board, get on a board without rolling over.

  3. Lower the rate of injuries and increase the rate of recovery from injuries.

  4. Make sure you can bend over and put your board shorts or bikini on in the morning without falling over

  5. Make the whole surfing experience one without pain.  

WARNING: Yoga will make you extremely Strong, Flexible and insanely Happy

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