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Still not convinced. Have a read of our benefit to your body list.

Increased Flexibility. When you first start yoga there is a chance that touching your toes without bending your knees or your back will be asking a lot. However, if you continue to practise yoga regularly your body will stretch and loosen up and you will slowly start to move in ways you could only do when you were 3 years old. As this happens many of the aches and pains that you may have will slowly start to disappear as will your recovery period from injuries. For example if your hamstrings are too tight it can manifest itself in lower back pain.

Builds Muscle Strength. Most people who go the gym build muscle but often at the expense of flexibility. With yoga you get both. Muscle strength makes you look good, but more important it helps prevent a lot of problems such as arthritis, back pain and falling over as you get older.

Increases blood flow and better breathing. As a result your body’s circulation is improved, your red blood cell count goes up and your cells are getting more oxygen. Thus reducing little problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

Increases your immunity.  When you contract and stretch your muscles, and move your organs around through various yoga poses, you help your lymphatic system which is responsible for rejecting and fighting unwanted intruders in your body..

You Sleep like a baby, you are a lot happier, less stressed, and more focused. Basically Yoga makes you feel great as well as creates and opens up a lot of positive energy in you which translates into a lot of good things happening in your life

Mental and Physical control. For most of us, our minds and our bodies are our dictators. Our mind controls how we react to things and to our emotions, whereas our bodies define what we eat and drink. We get a craving for something and we eat it. With Yoga we aim to overthrow these dictators so we can regain mastery over our physical and mental body. It is NOT a religion it is a skilled ART.

You connect with the Universe: That is something to look forward to!

You look great!

LASTLY YOGA IS NOT JUST FOR GIRLS! All the above benefits work on men as well. But if you are really just  looking for something to increase your hotness go ahead and google: Images of old and young men’s yoga bodies. That should do the trick.

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