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Main Pier, Santa Maria, Sal
Santa Maria Beach, Sal, Cape Verde
Local Music Cape Verde

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Cape Verde, located 500km off the coast of Senegal, is a land that is envied and desired for its strategic position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,. The population of Cape Verde numbers about 460,000 and is distributed over a total of 10 islands, all of volcanic origins.


Visiting the archipelago of the Cape Verde islands is a unique experience: Sal, S. Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, and Fogo are all places that offer thrills, even to the most discriminating souls. Each island is different from the next, inhabited by hospitable Creoles and lively children, with rugged territories, parched steppes, lush green valleys, followed by rare springs, deserted beaches, and stretches of lava.

The ocean is where you will discover the secret treasures of the Cape Verdean islands: a stunningly rich marine fauna made possible by the purity of the water, the climate, and the presence of underwater shelves. There is an abundance of species: bream, sawfish, bonito, moray eels, black angler fish, tuna, dolphins, sperm whales, killer whales, and others, just to
name a few.

Sal Island, the true gateway to the archipelago of Cape Verde, boasts an international airport (the well-known “Almicar Cabral”), which has made it the main tourist destination of the archipelago. Its name is due to the abundance of salt mines, which for centuries represented the main economic resource of the island.


Today, Sal is not known for its salt, but for its long stretche of fine sandy shores, along an inviting, crystalline, emerald ocean. This spectacular landscape of Sal Island is born of the suggestive contrast between the volcanic nature of the island and the turquoise blue of the ocean: the most beautiful spots of this island exploit this stark contrast. Santa Maria, is one such spot, where the ancient saltpans meet the marvelous stretches of beaches and ocean. What makes Santa Maria even more special is that here tourism and "normal life" live together in perfect harmony, so although you may start as a tourist you quickly feel at home and make friends with the people who live here, your instructor included!


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