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Yoga the cosmic science

Michael O’Callaghan, Canada


This is not a book to be read over a weekend, but a book to be read slowly, a little at a time. Be prepared to be educated while being challenged and cajoled all at the same time. This is a reader-centric, philosophical, introspective work that drills deep and pushes boundaries while maintaining an innocent and almost child-like quality.

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How to Breathe in Class and in Life

All men are welcome, even if you can only scratch your belly

To Reserve a class whats app me +238 580 1121, if paying by paypal please pay before the class. If by cash pay at the class

Each week, each class, is set up for you to take a complete journey into your body, mind and soul. All the knowledge you need to know to live a magnificent life from a place of peace and calmness exists within you. 

If you cancel 24 hrs before a class for ANY reason other than death or giving birth there is still a 15 euro charge for me holding that space for you. Be kind and offer to pay it, please don't make me ask. 


Studio Individual and Class Packs

  • Individual Classes 15 euros/1500ecv

  • 5 class pack 65euros/7000ecv

  • 8 class pack 100euros/11,000ecv

  • 15 class pack 180euros/19,500ecv

Packs valid for 2 months

Non refundable

Non transferable

Message me before you arrive, so i can place you on the hop on hop off

Whats app group where I post class updates

Private classes In Studio/Or Ocean deck: 70 euro (75min)


Private sound/asana/chakra class (80euros): Restorative Asanas with sound (Tibetan sound bowls, tuning fork, & shamanic bells) & crystal dowser to check your chakras. OR. A class to open specific chakras with poses, sound, mantra meditation. 

Private Sound journey/Healing (95euros): Listen to the audio to understand what this is. Sometimes just one sound journey changes the trajectory of a student's life forever. Sound/Vibration has been the medium though which i connect to me and then beyond. 

Payments: Cash euro/Escudos, Paypal PayPal.Me/yogacaboverde (only as a friend and family transfer), Gold bars (Indian in me)


Sunset Classes in the Studio

(max 13 people)

Studio with all the elements: alive plants, volcanic rocks, ocean water, incense, air


Evening @ 18.01 class starts and door closes

Arrive 5 min earlier.

MONDAY: Yin with Tuning Fork etc, tuned to vibration of Aum (for all connective tissue and spine)

WEDNESDAY: 10 poses to open your chakras, organs, glands etc. / or /deep stretch for the whole body/ or Ancient Tibetan Yoga for the heart, chest, shoulders, neck, etc. 


FRIDAY:  Kundalini yoga different from any other form of yoga

Saturday: Restorative with blocks: full body with mantras and mantra meditation (for healing, repairs, rejuvenation of cells etc)

Video to the studio

Sunrise classes in the Studio or Ocean Deck

Ocean Deck: 7.01am (max 5 people)

Bring a towel and happiness, mats inc.


Tuesday: Vinyasa flow


Thursday: joints and a certain part of the body


Saturday: Slow stretch


There classes are all dependent on the wind. Check weekly updates on timetable on the hop on hop off whats app group.

For Ocean deck, come straight to the deck 5 min before class starts. Bring something warm to wear at the end of the class. 

On extreme wind days, this class will be cancelled to ensure you don't get blown away. 

Video to the ocean deck

Private lessons in the Studio or the Ocean sky deck (choice is yours)

If you want to

  • Advance in your practise 

  • Have me check your chakras

  • Heal a certain part of your body


  • Release trauma in your body

  • Learn to breathe properly and use breath to move your energy and heal

  • Learn to meditate in different ways

  • Or have me play sound on you to take you on a healing journey into you (these have been known to change peoples lives). This only in the studio.

  • Learn inversions head stands, shoulder stands and proper alignment in a sun salutation

General Yoga Rules: Please read, so you can never say "you did not know"

If you cancel 24hrs before a class there is a 15euros cancellation fee. Unless you died or were giving birth. 

Don´t eat or drink an hour before the practice. 


Be hydrated before the practice.


Arrive 5 min before a class. Once started the class is closed and there is still a cancellation fee. 

If you are late, say Namaste and leave without anger. As that anger will only hurt you.

Please wash your feet in the bucket before entering the studio, as well as your mind of any anger, negativity, or fear.


Please try and keep all the sand on the beach, instead of in the studio.


Enter with gratitude and positive energy, as your energy effects everyone else in the class and my plants (please don’t kill my plants).

Lastly, come open to change on all levels. Yoga, if you allow it, will change your life and open it up to magic.

Yin Yoga & Tuning Fork
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Restorative Class
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Tibetan Yoga
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Joints and body parts
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Sound Healing
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Kundalini & Shivinanda
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Flow Yoga
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