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Ancient Yoga Taught by an Ancient Indian Yogi

Limited classes July & August/Closed Sept/Oct

My Yoga Background/Training, just in case you are not sure


  •  Hatha yoga teacher training (Spain)

  •  Yoga Therapy teacher training (India)

    • Subspecialty in Iyengar/Vinyasa (India)​​

  • Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine (Sri Lanka)

  • Sound therapy and Healing used by Tibetan Monks (Spain)

  • Anatomy of the Body and Yoga  (USA)

  • Your Brain, CNS & PNS, and Restorative Yoga (USA)

  • Women Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, & Yoga (USA)

  • Trauma based Yoga (USA)

  • Study of the Yoga Sutras (India)

  • Study of the Chakra systems, asanas/meditations to open and balance chakras (Canada) 

  • Akashic reader (India)

  • Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga (India)

  • Living as a Yogi for 12 years, practicing Yoga 19 years, teaching Yoga 16 years

  • A trained yogic healer, as well as a natural sound healer ( a conduit of healing light)

  • Author of: Yoga Where the Impossible Meets the Possible


  • On most amazon platforms


Yoga and I: November 2021
My Accidental Meeting with the Universe.  July 2023, I looked everywhere and in the end it was within me. 
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WHY You Should Practice Yoga?

Your body is the only one you are getting in this lifetime so treat it well.

1. Yoga will make you high, with no hangover, jail time, or divorce. There will be no headaches, vomiting or dizziness,  or the need to remain lying down for hours after a yoga class.

2. For 60-80minutes there are no emails, mobiles phones, face book, nada. Just you, your body, your breath, and your consciousness.

3. Done correctly and consistently, Yoga will lead to a longer, peaceful, and healthier life.

4. After an extended period of yoga, your approach to life will become calmer and devoid of fear. Making yoga cheaper and more effective than therapy

5. Yoga will teach you all the tools to change your reality. You will learn how to respond to life rather that react to it. 

6. If you kitesurf, windsurf, surf, play sports etc., Yoga will allow you to put your shorts on the next morning, without having to sit, lie down, or fall over to get them on. More important you will start to protect yourself from injuries.

7. Yoga will lead you to create a health body, a pure mind, and a connection to the cosmic universe. You will become the master of your domain.

8. Yoga will give you the greatest gift, awareness. 

Note:  I teach the most ancient discipline in the world: YOGA. Which will reconnect you to your inner power, help find your true purpose, change your body, and teach you to control your mind.

(However, if all you want to do is practice asanas, then our yoga will fulfill that need as well) 

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