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Who am I and What is this thing called Yoga 

Our Sunrise Yoga on Ocean Deck

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Your body is the only one you are getting in this lifetime so treat it well.

1. Yoga will make you high, with no hangover, jail time, or divorce. There will be no headaches, vomiting or dizziness,  or the need to remain lying down for hours after a yoga class.

2. For 60-80minutes there are no emails, mobiles phones, face book, nada. Just you, your body, and your breath.

3. Done correctly and consistently, Yoga will lead to a longer and healthier life.

4. After an extended period of yoga, your approach to life will become calmer. Making yoga cheaper and more effective than therapy

5. Yoga has will teach you all the tools to change your reality.

6. If you kitesurf, windsurf, surf,play sports etc, Yoga will allow you to put your shorts on the next morning, without having to sit, lie down, or fall over to get them on. More important you will start to protect yourself from injuries.

Note: We are not a power yoga studio, we teach yoga that makes you feel powerful.

If all you want to do is practice, then our yoga will fulfill that need. If you want to learn how yoga can work to change everything from the inside out, our studio will do that for you as well.

My Yoga Backgroud, just in case you are still not sure 

  • 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher traning (Spain)

  • 300 hours Yoga Therapy teacher traning (India)

    • Sub specialty in Iyenger/Kundalini/Vinyasa (India)​

  • 300 hours Yin & Chinese Medicine (Sri Lanka)

  • 200 hours Sound therapy and Healing (Spain)

  • 100 hours Anatomy of the Body and Yoga  (USA)

  • 200 hours Your Brain, CNS & PNS and Restorative Yoga

  • Living and practising Yoga 16 years

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Our Yoga Studio

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Sunrise on our ocean deck, group and private lessons

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