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YOGA & Accommodation & Extreme Happiness 


Want to retreat from your chaotic world and into my tranquil world?

I now offer a mini retreat, where your only commitment is to show up to class. Other than that, your time is yours. You are free to play, read, anything really. The whole idea of a retreat is not to be surrounded by people or filled with activities. 

It is for you to have time to reconnect with you. To spend time with you and just listen and understand your actions, behavior's, thoughts etc. To play, to laugh, and to embrace freedom. 

For accommodation contact Rod directly and tell him you are doing yoga with me. This way I take away my commission and it is cheaper for you. 

He can organize your airport transfer as well to the apartments. He will only charge you the going rate and takes no commission for the transfer. His driver is very good and can be trusted. 

To book one of the two packages with me. I understand it may seem a lot, but please remember with privates you are getting a teacher with 17 years on the yogic journey and nearly 2000 hrs teacher trainings. 

Privates are  75 min

If you are here for one week:

2 Privates and 4 group classes: 180 euros

2 privates with sound played on you and 4 group classes: 215euros

If you are here for two weeks or more:

3 Privates and 8 group classes: 285 euros

2 privates with sound, 1 non sound private and 8 group classes: 325euros

To Book Whats app me @ +238 580 1121 Sheena

Only Accommodation @ Surf Zone Beach Side Suites


Surf Zone's new apartments are a hop, skip and 2 jumps from Santa Maria’s 3km of white sandy beach. Brand new, they are also

located in the heart of the village and therefore walking distance to numerous restaurants, bars and places to have a boogie. In terms of location, you can’t do better.

To the north are restaurants, bars, and shops; to the east is our yoga studio (5min stroll), more restaurants, more bars, and more shops; to the west is 3km of awesome beach, and to the south is a gorgeous beach and a beach gym! We are located 15 minutes from the airport

We have a studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms and a fabulous owner who will make your stay memorable. For more information email us or what's app the Owner Rod Smith

rod: +2389978804 (the email name is not reflective of his professionalism. He has lived in Cabo Verde for 20 years and manages the building himself)





Kite Surfing:              Whats app +238 994 0077 

                                      Whats app +39 329 048 4785 


Cape Verde Diving:   


Scuba Team Diving:

Horse Riding:


Botanical Garden

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