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                                                                                        OPEN!!!!!!!!! YAHOOO!

Welcome to Cabo Verde’s only Yoga studio with two locations, offering yoga for ALL humans, including men, and sometimes even beach dogs. All our classes take place in our fantastic and tranquil Yam yoga studio and on our Surf Zone kite school deck on the Beach. We are NOT a power yoga studio, we teach YOGA, that makes you feel powerful.Don't let a bad yoga experience put you off yoga, because really yoga is magic that can and will transform your body, mind, health, happiness and stress levels.


YAM YOGA STUDIO EVERY NIGHT 18.01PM: Beginnner to adv.


Our studio is home to three different advanced certified instructors in Hatha, Ashtanga, Inyengar, Yin/Yang, Vinyasa, Baptiste Power Yoga and sound healing. We all have  very different personalities as well as unique teaching styles and insights into the multiple ways in which you can stretch and strengthen your body and mind.  

In all  our classes we show you how to get into a pose, how to align your body correctly, how to breathe in a pose and how to get out of the pose.  No matter what age or gender you are, your body will appreciate our classes! All the classes are an excellent mix of humour, energy and quietness. Must be able to breathe and touch your knees, without passing out. 

We now also offer small sunrise yoga classes on the beach


We get asked this question a lot. Our Yoga is JUST YOGA. Stretch and strengthen your muscles and joints, while learning to breathe correctly, and focus your mind. Our yoga does not aim to exhaust or torture you. The goal of our classes is to leave you feeling longer, stronger, highly relaxed with well oiled joints, tendons, and a mind that does not behave as if it were on some speed drug.

Every single class is different. We offer beginner classes as well as all level classes. This year we will also offer 1.5hour classes that are a little more challenging, but not the kind that requires you to wrap your leg around your neck.  If you are new to yoga start with a beginner class or a morning class. 

If you have the chance try all our instructors. It is a rare opportunity to have such a varying exposure to yoga in one studio.


Your body is the only one you are getting in this lifetime so treat it well.

1.     Yoga will make you high, with no hangover. There will be no headaches, vomiting or dizziness  or the need to remain lying down for hours after a yoga class.

2.    For 60-80minutes there are no emails, mobiles phones, face book, nada. Just you, your body and your breath.

3.    Done correctly and consistently, Yoga will lead to a longer and heathier life.

4.    After an extended period of yoga your approach to life will become calmer. Making yoga more cheaper and effective than therapy

If you kite, windsurf or surf, Yoga will allow you to put your board shorts/bikinni on the next morning, without having to sit or lie down to get them on. You will surf longer, more often, and protect yourself from injuries