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pana yoga

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yoga ocean deck
yoga ocean deck

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Equipped Kitchens
Equipped Kitchens

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pana yoga
pana yoga

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Pure Yoga Retreat: LIVE LIFE, retreat from your world & into ours ....


Retreat any time you want! You send us your dates and what type of accommodation you would like in our fully furnished beach side apartments (studio, one bedroom, one bedroom ocean view, or two bedroom) and we create a personalized retreat just for you with a customized price just for you.  You join our group classes (max 8, but sometimes a few more, because i am so bad at saying no),  as well as have some private classes and a sound journey.

The private classes work on what ever you need working on to make sure you leave with all the tools you need to start or continue your yoga journey. There is never a shortage of people on this island to meet and get to know. Just as there is never a shortage of space, if space and solitude is what you seek. 

Whats app: +238 5801121 Sheena


Pranayama/breathing for peace, your organs, your nervous system etc.

Meditation technique (candle, breathe......)

Yoga for muscles, for connective tissue, fascia, joints, organs, mind

Yang yoga (vinyasa, power, kundalini, Iyengar.....


Yin yoga


Restorative yoga


All 8 limbs of yoga


Use of yoga to balance your internal cycles as woman, fertility, periods, menopause...

When you practise a type of yoga

The power and use of sound to shift us and open our energy centres


How to engage in extreme happiness as it starts to flow through you: dancing, whooping, skipping, the actions are endless

What is included

1. A private apartment beside the beach

2. Group sunrise classes on the ocean deck

3. Sunset group classes in the studio

4. Two or more private classes and/or a sound healing or journey.

5. A list of places to eat, drink and dance.

6. Contacts for diving, kiting, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, horse riding, turtle watching.

7. Complete happiness and hugs. 

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Accommodation: Private

·  Groovy Studio

·  One bedroom Village View

·  One bedroom Fabulous Ocean View

·  Two Bedroom Village view: 2 Queen Size Beds

·  Two Bedroom Village view: 1 Queen and 2 Bunk Beds

All our new apartments

1 hop, 2 skips and a jump to 3 km of white sandy beach

6min saunter to our sunrise ocean deck and Studio.

Fully functioning kitchen, linen, bath towels (bring your own beach towel) and wifi.

Walking distance to all the restaurants and bars in Santa Maria, if the idea of cooking gives you mental and emotional pain.

All the apartments have access to our spectacular roof top terrace where you can chill, read, hang out with new friends as you watch the sunrise and set over our fabulous ocean. To see pictures go to our site

·        We will provide you with a list of restaurants when you arrive and our recommendations. As well as some tips on what to bring with you.

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 Private Lessons

What you can Learn in Private Lessons  Here are a list of some of the possible areas you may want to understand how to use yoga for:

  • Back, hip, leg, shoulder pain, basically any body part. pain

  • Fertility issues, periods, menopause (how to negotiate being a woman, without going crazy)

  • Increasing the strength of your connective tissue (bones, joints, fascia) and/or your muscles

  • Better breathing.

  • Unblocking trapped energy in you either by sound or flow yoga

  • Use of sound to heal by releasing trapped traumas

  • Meditation techniques. 

  • For overcoming fear, anxiety, sadness, habits

  • Restorative healing and yin yoga. 

  • Alignment, sequencing

  • Growing and expanding your personal yoga practice. 

  • Mastering the sun salutation.

  • Yoga for your muscles 

  • For your spine and all your nerves

  • Inversions, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Power.........

  • Yoga for lasting change all the way down to your cells


1. We can put you in contact with the right people for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Diving, Sailing etc in your free time. You contact them directly, and they will help you figure out what will be best for you, based on your level. 

2. Airport transfer: there are always taxis at the airport and the transfer cost is 15euros each way. We can set that up for you for the same price with our trusted driver Nuni, or you can just grab a taxi from the airport when you arrive. 

3. We will give you a list of restaurants, but you will also discover so many based on your personal taste, as the village is not big and people are very friendly. 

To know about the Dangers of Sal, Cabo Verde click here


Whatsapp: +2385801121


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Yoga Retreat and more

What an amazing and life changing experience it was to be part of a week long yoga retreat here in December. Thank you so much Sheena and Marta. You’re both utterly beautiful inside and out, superb teachers of yoga, and of how to live life in general. I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful time I had. From the “yoga with dogs” to the hilarious day in “Lizzy the truck”, it was all just perfect. Yoga massage with Marta was the best massage I’ve EVER had, and the Sound healing with Sheena was truly awesome.

Traveling solo, my stay on the island gave me time to rethink many things in my life, Marta and Sheena very much inspiring me to take action to change a few things for the better when I returned home.

I visited Sal for the first time in April 2019, and ended up staying two weeks instead of the one week I had booked. So this time I booked a one-way ticket! Loved it so much I stayed for four weeks :-), and only left because I had to go back home for work.... I really didn’t want to leave. I will be back! 🥰. Made lovely new friends that were on the retreat too. Hugs to you all x

Brilliant accommodation at Surfzone, I really felt as though I’d moved house! Rihan Uk


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