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Paradise Island Pure Yoga Retreat: Yoga from the inside out

  December 7th to 13th 2020, February 2021, April 2021.

Imagine our paradise, waking up to a view or the sound of the Atlantic ocean at its finest.  An island filled with white sandy beaches, friendly people, a laid back atmosphere, a small village filled with diverse restaurants and bars, and most important it’s safe.


Now imagine being able to have a yoga class every morning on the beach watching the sunrise and every evening in our fabulous studio or the beach (depending on the mood of the climate). An exposure to all types of yoga, learning the tools to practice by yourself and truly learning how yoga works to change you. It is almost like a mini teacher training week, but for your personnel yogic growth. Then free days to wander our village, get to know our ocean, meet new people, make new friends and the space and happiness to reconnect with yourself.  No rules, limited time table, lots of freedom. 

Our 2 experienced, multi-style, highly diverse yoga instructors will take all that is inside you and alter it, so what is outside becomes fabulous.Through Asanas, Breathing, and Meditation you will learn how yoga works to change us from the inside, which is turn changes our strength, flexibility, health, mental state and our reality.You will arrive at our retreat seeing your world one way and return seeing it in a completely different way. Yoga really is magic.

 Included in Our Pure Retreat: Multi Style Yoga

  •  Exposure to all forms of Yoga: Hatha, Iyenger, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Kundalini, Pawan Mukti, Baptiste yoga

  • 2 very experienced and highly diverse yoga teachers.

  • 6 x Sunrise yoga on the beach 7.23am 

  • 6 x 1.5 fabulous evening yoga classes in our studio 17.31pm (These classes are complete classes including asanas, breathing, and active meditation  (aum, breath, candle etc)

  • 1 Unbelievable Yoga massage (private)

  • 1 Unique and Healing Sound Journey (private)

  • Half a day sailing trip.

  •  Breakfast at the village cafe (ex. sunday), for lunch and dinner we will provide you with a list of restaurants. Santa maria is full of diverse places to eat, price ranging from 5 euros to 20 euros a meal. 

Sound Healing Journey with Sheena

In this journey we use Tibetan Sound Bowls on your body and an OM tuning fork to begin the process of breaking down blockages (physical, mental, emotional) in your body. It also helps heal injuries (frozen  shoulders, back pain, etc) that have been with you for awhile. We use sound to open your energy centres, give energy where it is needed, and balances energy while bringing your body down to its parasympathetic system. We also use the bowls to move your cranial fluid, which protects the health of your brain and spinal cord. It will surprise on so many levels.  60 min

Yoga massage with Marta: Brilliant yoga massage, in this massage we manipulate your body, stretch it, lengthen and calm it, from your toes to your head. Prior to the massage marta does a guided meditation to bring your body into a coma like state during the massage. This massage will leave your body feeling heavenly. 60min

Things you can add to your retreat at a cost: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing.

Out of the Box Yoga Retreat?

  • Max 8 happy people

  • 3 diverse yoga locations to practice at, all within 6min stroll

  • New accommodation located next door to 3km of white heavenly sandy beach and ocean.

​​Accommodation Options:

  • Groovy Studio Apartment

  • So good one bedroom apartment

  • Fabulous Ocean view apartment

  • Happy two bedroom apartments With bunk beds and with single beds

  •  Included in the apartments:

Linens and bath towels

Kitchenette with stove top, mini fridge, electric kettle, cookware, kitchen utensils, and ample storage space

Bed(s), couch and/or chair, dining table

Private Bathroom with sink, mirror, shower, toilet, and bidet

Cleaning supplies, Complimentary bottle of water upon arrival

tea packets, Books to read, n-house manager

 Wifi (but we encourage disconnecting from the world).

​ Note: For your health and safety the Building is non-smoking, non-animal,   pro-human. (note we love animals).

Things to think about when packing:

Sunscreen, we are close to the equator here.

Beach towels, A light Hoody for the evening.

Flip flops, swim wear. We are a very informal island

Its Africa, if you are a little worried about traveling on your own, in case you get abducted by foreign tribe, click to read what are the Dangers of Sal.

ADDITIONAL INFO and Paid Activities

  • Packages are non refundable 1 month before the retreat. Cancellation before one month, 50% is refundable or can transfer to another one of our retreats.

  • Package price depends on type of apartment you would like in our yoga-surf zone building, located beside the beach.

  • You can add private lessons to this package, if you would like someone to help you create your own practice or would like a sound journey with tibetan singing bowls and an Om tuning fork to open blockages and bring you back into balance.

  • Transfer to and from the airport can be arranged for you. The cost is additional.

Additional joys at no cost.

  • 14 hugs

  • 5 fist pumps

  • Laughter, quietness, extreme happiness.

  • Don't know who we are, what our classes are like, then have a look at our clients reviews on trip advisor.



Not sure yet, working on that.** Please if you are a loud happy snorer, we ask you book a private rooms so as not to lull others with your snoring songs.