Pure Yoga Retreat: LIVE LIFE, retreat from your world & into ours ....

To be determined by a tiny little virus: maximum 8 people for a covid healthy environment & feels as if you are doing yoga with family and friends for a week, which is what we will become. 

I love yoga, it is magic. All you have to do is come to your mat 5 times a week and practice properly, and with knowledge of what you should be doing in your practice, and the rest will happen on its own. 

With these retreats, my goal is to give people mini-teacher trainings, to help you understand how yoga works and how to come to your mat and engage in a full yoga practice which includes breathing, asanas (poses) and a meditation at the end.  To understand what is happening inside you when you practice yoga and to have the tools and confidence to self-practice when you go home. If you already self-practice, then these retreats will guide you to deepen and expand that practice.  

Because it is a small retreat, so the same 8 people for 7 days, we will be able to work with you to not only build a practice, but to also expose you to yoga that is not only for your muscles, but also for all your connective tissues, your organs, your brain, your central and peripheral nervous system, and your illusive mind.

Included in this pure yoga retreat besides the yoga, are 2 advanced certified teachers, a yoga massage, aimed at opening up your deep tissue and getting you high without the use of illegal drugs. A private sound journey on your body,  that will begin to release things in you that you have buried deep in your body and/or begin to heal physical injuries, or illnesses, as well as aid the removal of toxins from your brain and spine. It will also do a number of other things that will surprise you and me both, as each journey is so different for each individual.

As we are so connected to nature, when our body is vibrating at the same frequency as everything surrounding us, we will also go on a half a day sailing trip on a small intimate sailing boat with two great sailors, and hopefully some turtles, flying fish, dolphins and whales.

What you will learn

  1. How to retreat from your world onto your mat, when your world just gets too much

  2. Breathing: all types of breathing to open and balance your entire body. But also how to breathe through your practice, so you don’t pass out.

  3. Asanas (poses), and the anatomy and alignment of them, how long to hold them, and some basic sequencing rules.

  4. Exposure to hatha, kundalini, Iyenger, vinyasa, baptiste power yoga, and yin yoga. You will work your muscles, your joints, as well as your organs and your drunken monkey mind.

  5. The use of restorative yoga to reset your central and peripheral nervous system.

  6. Gardening your mind to start to change the way you see life and in turn how you live it.

  7. Different forms of active meditation: candle, breathing, Aums, visualizations

  8. The use of sound (sound bowls and tuning forks) but also our own sound to open up the positive flow of energy in us and have our cells work at 100%..

  9. How to engage in extreme happiness as it starts to flow through you: dancing, wooping, skipping, the actions are endless.

Whats Included

  1. 7 sunrise yoga classes on the beach

  2. 6 sunset yoga classes in our cozy lovely studio

  3. 1: 60minute fabulous yoga massage

  4. 1: 60minute private sound journey

  5. 6 mornings Breakfast at the local café, as on the 7th morning they are taking a nap

  6. Wifi

  7. A half day sailing trip

  8. Loads of time for you to do whatever YOU want: read, sit on the white sandy beach, swim, engage in a water sport, naps, dancing ………As this is your time to retreat from your life as well.

  9. Accommodation: you can choose private or shared accommodation

  10. For complete price list click on PDF below

*** Please note that we have taken into account COVID. All the mats are cleaned between sessions, there is time between classes, the accommodation are apartments so you control your space and the common areas are cleaned daily. Morning classes are on the beach and evening classes are in the studio with the doors opened and space between the mats. 


Accommodation: you can choose private or shared accommodation.

  • Groovy Studio

  • One bedroom Village View

  • One bedroom Fabulous Ocean View

  • Two Bedroom Village view: 2 Queen Size Beds

  • Two Bedroom Village view: 1 Queen and 2 Bunk Beds


All our new apartments are in our Surf Zone house, located 1 hop, 2 skips and a jump to 3 km of white sandy beach, a 4min saunter to the kite school (where we also do the sunrise beach yoga),and 6 min to our yoga studio where we will do all the evening classes. All the apartments come with a fully functioning kitchen,linen, bath towels (bring your own beach towel) and wifi. However, the building is within walking distance to all the restaurants and bars in Santa Maria, if the idea of cooking gives you mental and emotional pain. All the apartments have access to our spectacular roof top terrace where you can chill, read, hang out with new friends as you watch the sunrise and set over our fabulous ocean. To see pictures go to our site www.SURFZONEAPARTMENTS.com

  • We will provide you with a list of restaurants when you arrive and our recommendations. As well as some tips on what to bring with you.


If you want to add:     1.Surfing/windsurfing/and or Kitesurfing to your free time, then we can arrange that for you. As we have a watersports centre www.surfcaboverde.com . For other activities we can put you in touch with the right people.

2. Airport transfer: there are always taxis at the airport and the transfer cost is 15euros each way. But if you want to organize it before you arrive, we can put you in touch with our transfer person. They charge 20euros, as their driver has to wait if your flight is delayed.

In this retreat you will also have the gift of 2 very different teachers, which together will provide a full exposure to yoga. Marta and myself, Sheena. Go to the teacher’s page to learn a little more about us. Your Teachers

To know about the Dangers of Sal, Cabo Verde click here

Contact: surfsheena@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +2385801121

Price list


Yoga Retreat and more

What an amazing and life changing experience it was to be part of a week long yoga retreat here in December. Thank you so much Sheena and Marta. You’re both utterly beautiful inside and out, superb teachers of yoga, and of how to live life in general. I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful time I had. From the “yoga with dogs” to the hilarious day in “Lizzy the truck”, it was all just perfect. Yoga massage with Marta was the best massage I’ve EVER had, and the Sound healing with Sheena was truly awesome.

Traveling solo, my stay on the island gave me time to rethink many things in my life, Marta and Sheena very much inspiring me to take action to change a few things for the better when I returned home.

I visited Sal for the first time in April 2019, and ended up staying two weeks instead of the one week I had booked. So this time I booked a one-way ticket! Loved it so much I stayed for four weeks :-), and only left because I had to go back home for work.... I really didn’t want to leave. I will be back! 🥰. Made lovely new friends that were on the retreat too. Hugs to you all x

Brilliant accommodation at Surfzone, I really felt as though I’d moved house! Rihan Uk


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