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I started yoga 16years ago when I hit emotional and mental rock bottom, a place I never thought I would see. I went from being strong and vibrant to being at the bottom of a pit. Through the practice of yoga I slowly found the strength and the courage to remove myself from a place that was drowning me to where I am today. And where I am today is spectacular. It is not easy, Yoga is not a magic pill. But when you do the work, you come to your mat and you practice it in every aspect of your life, what happens can only be described as magic. In the last 8 years, I have dedicated every summer to training in every aspect of yoga, not only to be able to share it with others, but to grow personally and shed the shackles of conditioning that so deeply bind all of us, to fears and behaviors that do not serve us in a good way.  When you truly love who you are and are connected to who you are, then you can truly give love. And once you can give it, then what comes back is more than you could ever have dreamt off.

As an Indian, raised in a traditional Indian society in Zambia, to living around the world and ending up l in Cabo Verde running a kite/wind/surf school and having my own studio, I can say the journey has been a true testament to the power of yoga to change one’s life. I have trained in Hatha, Inyenger, Vinyasa, Yoga therapy, Breathing and Meditation, Yin/Meridians, Anatomy and Sound Therapy, Our brain, CNS&PNS and restorative yoga and continue on-going training in living life.

Marta Matos has been studying and practicing along side with internationally known yoga teachers such as Denise Payne, Les Leventhal, Cynthia Joanne, Mahesh and Vari Morales. She has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for more than 8 years and got her Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher certification, in 2012, in Rishikesh, India by the Indian Yoga and Meditation Association and her 200 hs Baptiste Yoga, Power Yoga certification in April 2018 throughout Africa Yoga Project in Kenya. 

Marta harnesses her knowledge and skills to address each student’s individual needs in the context of a class or group training. Her deep passion for yoga infuses every aspect of her life. Her teachings are full of compassion and an authentic desire to help students connect to their own limitless potential.
Her classes aim to achieve a balanced and thorough practice, on and off the mat, incorporating techniques that address equally the physical body and mental and emotional facets the being leading students through a journey into connecting with their own power.