The Truth behind Yoga
The Truth behind Meditation


To Reserve a space please Whats app me at +2385801121

What our new yoga world will look like

  • A maximum of 8 people to ensure space between the mats/people.

  • All the mats and blocks are wiped down after each class and aired out, and there is more than 8 hours between the classes.

  • If you feel unwell, have a cough or are sick, please abstain from classes, until you have rebounded to your wonder woman/superman status.

  • If you don’t want to be adjusted please tell us at the beginning of the class.

  • Corono yoga hugs are optional at the end of the class: inhale on the way in, hold breath for the hug, and exhale slowly after release


1hr classes: 10 euros

5 class pack: 45 euros

8 class pack: 70 euros

12 class pack: 95 euros

Classes pack are valid for 2 months

Private classes: 50euros for 70min

All classes are different, but a surprise. Some will focus on your organs, some on your connective tissue, others on your muscles, or maybe even a certain part of your body or your whole body. It may be a flow, yin, restorative, anything really as I have trained in all aspects of yoga. But each will include pranayama (breath work), a wee meditation, laughter and much happiness. 

Please whats app for updated timetable as it may change due to the wind +2385801121

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Wake up to the rising sun, literally surrounded by the ocean on all 3 sides of you and yoga that will change your day.  Bring a towel

Max 8, though sometimes 11, as I am not very good with saying No. 

Now: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday @ 7.11am I know its early, but so worth seeing the sunrise over the ocean!

The Ocean deck is located beside the pool inside of Porto Antigo 1, you will see the sign to enter the building and go out onto the ocean deck.


The studio is located on the road side in front of Porto Antigo 3, which is beside porto antigo 1. There is a large Yoga sign. 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Arrive 8 min before.

Classes are a mix of Iyenger, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Sound, Breath & Meditation. But really what we teach is YOGA.

Mats included

3 PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES .This 3 private lesson package is whatever you want it to be or need it to be. Here are a list of some of the possible areas you may want to understand how to use yoga 

  • Back, hip, leg, shoulder pain, basically any body part. pain

  • Fertility issues, periods, menopause (how to negotiate being a woman, without going crazy)

  • Increasing the strength of your connective tissue (bones, joints, fascia) and/or your muscles

  • Better breathing.

  • Unblocking trapped energy in you either by sound or flow yoga

  • Use of sound to heal by releasing trapped traumas

  • Meditation techniques. 

  • For overcoming fear, anxiety, sadness, habits

  • Restorative healing and yin yoga. 

  • Alignment, sequencing

  • Growing and expanding your personal yoga practice

  • Mastering the sun salutation.

  • Yoga for your muscles 

  • For your spine and all your nerves

  • Inversions, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Power.........

  • Yoga for lasting change all the way down to your cells


145euros/16,000ecv. 11

Sound Healing Journey. In this private journey I use a tuning fork, tuned to the sound of OM, and Tibetan sound bowls to bring your body back to its natural vibrating frequency. When at its optimum state, the human body vibrates at the same frequency as everything natural in the universe. In this state your cells, organs, fascia, energy channels, all vibrate at 100%, thereby beginning the process of removing any physical (frozen shoulders, back pain etc), mental or emotional blockages in your body. Sound can never hurt, it can only heal. Each individual experience is very different and truly amazing. This journey with sound will surprise you, it surprises me every time! 1hour: 50euros/5,500ecv