Private Classes info
Location Studio & Beach
Private Sound Journey/Healing

All men are welcome, even if you can only scratch your belly

Each week is set up for you to take a complete journey into your body, mind and soul. All the knowledge you need to know to live a magnificent life from a place of peace and calmness exists within you. 

All classes are different, but a surprise. Some will focus on your organs, some on your connective tissue, others on your muscles, or maybe even a certain part of your body or your whole body. The Asanas may be a flow, yin, restorative etc. But each class will include pranayama (breath work), small meditation, and laughter. ALL levels welcome, I will adjust you in each pose according to your level.


If you cancel 24 hrs before a class for ANY reason other than death or giving birth there is still a 10 euro charge for me holding that space for you. Be kind and offer to pay it, please don't make me ask. 



1hr classes: 10 euros

5 class pack: 45 euros

8 class pack: 70 euros

12 class pack: 95 euros

Classes pack are valid for 2 months

Private classes: 60 (1hr)-80 euros (1.5hrs)

  • alignment

  • breathing and meditation

  • full alignment of sun salutations

  • opening and releasing

  • inversions etc.

  • In the 1.5hr class, we record a sequence tailored for you. 

Private class Asanas with sound. 70euros (1 hr)


Sound healing/journey: 90euros 


Payments: Cash euro/Escudos, Paypal PayPal.Me/yogacaboverde, Gold bars

Please whats app for the timetable +2385801121, I then add you to a hop of hop off

group, where I post the timetable every week and yoga gifts. 

  1. Please wash your feet in the bucket before entering the studio, as well as your mind of any anger, negativity, or fear.

  2. Please try and keep all the sand on the beach, instead of in the studio.

  3. Super please, enter with gratitude and positive energy, as your energy efffects everyone else in the class and my plants (please don’t kill my plants).

  4. Once a class has started, it is closed and you can not enter. As each class is a journey from start to end.

  5. If you are late, say nameste and leave without anger. As that anger will only hurt you.

  6. Lastly, come open to change on all levels. Yoga, if you allow it, will change your life and open it up to magic.

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Sunrise classes will take place in the jungle studio, where I can use sound on you as well. However, as a gift to those coming to that class, I will offer a 18min sunrise meditation on the beach before the class. You can miss the meditation, and meet at the studio for the class.

6.51am Sunrise/Earth falling meditation, Bring a towel to sit on.

Meet on the beach.

7.18am. Meet at the studio for full class.

**On days where it is just to windy, there will be no meditation on the beach, or you will be sand blasted into human lump.



The studio is located on the road side in front of Porto Antigo 3, which is beside porto antigo 1. There is a large Yoga sign. PLease arrive latest by


18.08pm: Classes will be a mix of Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, etc.