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Your Life is Just a Video Game

Namaste Humans.

You want to know what connects all of us, all eight billion of us. It is the journey we are all on, to peel back our attachments to what others have told us we are. To then define our own happiness and lives, from a place of inner power and awareness.

It is hard to believe that every single one of us chose the body, parents and life we are in. The problem is we just don´t remember that all of this, our lives, were our own making. It was our choice to enter the life we did. Yes, even where that meant you would be maimed, suffer a disease, face trauma and loss, etc. Why you ask? Well at the simplest level, it was for you to learn lessons, break karmic bonds, and have the magnificent opportunity to evolve your consciousness/spirit/soul.

The one thing all of us humans have in common is that somewhere along the way we began to define and attach ourselves to external people, events, jobs, pets, etc. For example, a parent left when you were younger, and you then embraced abandonment and believed that the problem was you. That they did not love you enough and therefore you were not worthy of love.

You were sexually, physically, or emotionally abused, leading you to believe that you must have asked for it, as you were not worth anything better. You lost a medal, a job, a companion and the same thing, you began to believe you were not good enough or you were unlucky, or stupid. You failed to meet everyone's expectations of you and yes you got it, you believed you were a failure. You found yourself in a relationship filled with discord, so much so, you begin to disappear. Why? Because you lacked the confidence to speak your truth, for fear of conflict or yes you got it, fear of being rejected.

It is the same narrative for nearly all of us, what differs is merely the actors, actresses, and the ever-changing storyline. Because we are masters of allowing the world to define who we are and then constantly seek validation from that same ever-changing transient world.

But here is the thing Humans. Every single one of you is on your own journey, playing out your own personal video game. Where suffering enters is from you trying to control the game rather than learning how to play it without getting your sense of self entangled in it or attached to it.

Human, in your video game, which is your life, move forward, as you would with any game. When you hit a roadblock and lose a life, learn what you did wrong and incorporate the lesson, so you don´t lose another life. There is a reason you are given a few chances in this video game of life. Because you can only evolve from learning lessons and being aware of your thoughts, words and actions.

Once you move up a level, you don’t look back at the level before, do you? What is the need? You have learnt the lesson so why hold on and keep reliving the experience? What is the point of that? If you kept focusing on the past levels, you would lose all your lives very fast or you would get stuck on the same level. Normally, when we get stuck at a level, we start to seek out external dramas to stimulate us. Which is why there is so much drama in the world all the time. Because many humans are stuck in their evolution, so the same objective reality confronts them every day.

Now human, you can still live in the same house, have the same job etc, but if you keep evolving closer to your true self, your reality will continually shift. Ever notice, how as you move up each level in a video game, you gain more powers and gifts. How the game is the same, the box it is being played out is the same, but the whole reality shifts every time you move up a level. Why? Because you are becoming a more aware and present player. In the video game that is your life, you will find that as you move to higher levels you do some from a place of peace, knowledge, and deep awareness that all this is merely an illusion. A video game of sorts.

In a video game you don’t let all the other players define who you are. You define yourself.

To live a life with constant joy and amusement, irrespective of all the other players running around in your game, play your video game as it was meant to be played, with concentration, awareness, and evolution. Such that when the game is over, you don’t have to play it again. You can choose a new one, a better one next time around.

Humans, when meeting other humans, remember they too are embroiled in a game just like yours. Some will be unaware, and their goal will just be to win at any cost, and let me tell you, it will cost them. Others will be more aware that the game's goal is to evolve towards living from consciousness. The latter will enjoy the experience of the game without attaching to it whereas the former will suffer over and over again.

Just imagine what a beautiful world we could live in, if collectively we could all move up the levels of our game. To that place where fireworks explode, lights and bells go off, and there is that grand celebration of life.

For never forget it is a privilege to be a human, to experience this creative illusion until it is time to turn the power off.

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