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Choose living life & save an Island all in one go. Sal, Cabo Verde

Right off the bat I am going to declare my bias. I live in Cabo Verde, where I own a yoga school, and manage a kite and windsurf centre and a beachside building with rental apartments. However, I also have a Canadian passport, 3 degrees and more than enough experience to flee the country and return to Canada and find work. Yet I choose to remain in Cabo Verde despite the fact that 6 months down the road our external boarders remain shut, hope is in short supply, and the country is struggling.

But this is not an open letter propagating even more fear and gloom. Nope it is not. In fact it is an invitation of sorts, as well as me planting a seed in your head, which I hope over the coming months to water, until it is a fully grown garden in your mind, pulling you towards us.

Let´s start with some facts.

Covid is here to stay, we would have to isolate every single individual in single houses and close everything to eradicate it. So like, pigeons, it is not going anywhere.

We can not control death or conquer it. It is a part of life, just as breathing is a part of life.

Chronic stress, sprung forth from constant mental stress, much of which the media is contributing towards, will in fact lead to more deaths and ailments in the long term then covid will. Stay under stress long enough and your central and peripheral nervous system will enact a series of actions which will start to shut down your body and lead to problems that no amount of tests or doctors will be able to pinpoint. Hard as it may be to believe, no pill, health drink, or app will cure it either.

So vhat to do (said in my best Indian accent and head shake).

Instead of staying in doors this winter, come to Cabo Verde, reset your system, learn how to deal with stress, enjoy the outdoors, reconnect with nature and yourself in a media free environment, and while doing all that, save a nation.

Cabo Verde is building a new hospital as well as a covid centre, which if you are safe, wear a mask, do not touch your face and keep a distance you won´t need it.

No rain, no snow, no sleet, no hailstorm and our winter sun, means you can eat or drink all your meals out doors.

Over 3 km of unbelivable stunning beach will allow you to have more distance than you want.

An ocean that is friendlier than an escort will literally wash away all that is not serving you in that drunken monkey mind of yours.

A massive selection of air bnb apartments, will mean that you control your space, you are not constantly being disinfected or surround by masked people all day, as if you were trapped on an island with ninjas.

Our water sports centres will give you, what we all crave, freedom. Freedom from media, mobile phones, stalkers, people, clothes, viruses etc. It is just you, the ocean, turtles, flying fish, more fish, and off course Jesus (who is buried in our ocean).

A population and energy that is inviting, open and will remind you that you don’t have to go through a crisis with just suffering. Stress is not a badge of honour to be worn to make us feel as if we deserve what we have and happiness. The new sheriff´s badge to be worn is gratitude, kindness, laugher, love, and joy. In the midst of a crisis, we can still engage in all of these.

And last but first, come for Yoga. On the beach or in our studio (limited students maximum space), with me. I have spent the last 6 months adding to my 15 years of training to include a deeper look at our anatomy and how to use yoga to deal with stress, trauma and to maintain a healthy central nervous system. You will have yoga that will spark your creativity but also yoga that will calm and restore you. You will begin to understand the science behind breathing, mantras, meditation and the physical practise of yoga. But most of all you will learn YOGA. Not the western jungle gym type, but the eastern change your entire life kind.

Its okay to live, it is okay to enjoy your life, it is okay to travel consciously. Just change the way you do it. Learn about others, interact with the country, learn about yourself, give back to the earth and at the same time immerse yourself in all the beauty it has to offer.

I got on a repatriation flight from Sal to Lisbon and you know what? the mask on the plane was not as bad as I envisioned. I got to Lisbon and was surprised to find life and laughter and not the fear the media has been pushing day after day. I feel as safe here as I do in Cabo Verde. Why, because I made myself feel safe by my actions. Distance, mask, hand washing and no kissing strangers.

So get on a plane this winter, giving fear a run for its money, and at the same time save a county and its people. I cant plan your whole trip, as my yogi skills have not extended to me being in several locations at the same time, but if you want to plan a trip that includes yoga, kiting & windsurfing, and/or a beach side or village apartment in The White House, I can help you with that.

Or if you have a question or a fear about coming, ask me anything and if I have the answer I will give it to you and if I don’t I will tell you that as well, instead of making up the answer.

Always remember YOU and only you control how to interact with life, the world and ALL its inhabitants. Reality is just how you choose to see the world.

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